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A unique material that has a bactericidal property, it prevents the appearance of microorganisms and parasites, and also has a chic hygroscopicity and hygiene. This material perfectly circulates the air, hypoallergenic and useful for the skin. It can be compared to silk, it is just as soft and shiny. Such bed linen can be used all year round, as it will warm in winter and cool in the heat, due to which the ideal temperature in bed and humidity are maintained.


its triple name is “tencel”, it perfectly combines the tenderness and comfort of cotton fibers with the effect of soft and smooth silk. Durability, moisture-wicking and breathable. Eucalyptus fibers have pronounced bacteriostatic properties, due to which pests cannot reproduce in this environment, and it is possible for those people who have very sensitive skin.


It is the most wear-resistant and durable material. It is environmentally friendly and hygienic, perfectly passes air and absorbs moisture, has its own distinctive feature as antiseptic properties, an excellent regulator of human body temperature. Advantages – does not lose color during washing, does not shrink and does not stretch. The problem occurs during ironing. When you touch it, it seems a little harsh compared to silk or satin. Why does it feel like this? The fact is that the material has characteristic nodules on the surface. And with the help of added cotton fibers, the material becomes soft during ironing.