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inen does not have to match the color of the interior. It can become a bright accent detail that is easy to replace. Classic Monochrome underwear of basic colors will do, as well as prints in the form of curls and arabesques. Provence Rustic style harmonizes well with floral motifs, pastel colors. Bright colors, modern drawings are best avoided. Imitation of antiquity is welcome. Scandinavian style It looks organic with plain sets. Pastel colors and geometric patterns are allowed. Loft Requires the bed to look sloppy. Harmoniously combined with plain linen in pastel colors. Geometric patterns look good. Achromatic combinations are often used: black, white, beige. Mediterranean Bright monochrome underwear will do, but without prints. It can be a juicy orange set or a bed in a bright green palette. Minimalism Monochrome sets are relevant — both in basic colors and in juicy colors. Geometric prints look good.

There are no universal tips on which color of bed linen is better. However, there are some moves that can simplify the choice.

Make underwear a highlight in the interior. If you buy a red sofa, you will have to live with it for many years or give it for re-paneling when you get tired of the coloring. Bright colored underwear is an easy way to add brightness to the interior for exactly the time you want.

The basic tones are always relevant. If you are planning a renovation, but have not yet selected wallpaper, paints, design, we advise you to buy underwear in the basic colors: white, black, gray, beige. It is suitable for any interior. Bright colors help to hide dirt. If the dog sleeps with you on the bed or the children come to you with food, paints, and there is no way to wash the kits every time, choose juicy colors. Dirt is less noticeable on them.

You can assemble your own set of individual elements. Or even make a capsule line in which all the components will be successfully combined with each other.

As for prints, you need to know the following:

Pigment printing is cheaper, but drawings lose brightness faster. The pigment penetrates only into the upper layer of the canvas. Hence the low resistance. It is recommended to wash at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.

Reactive printing. Chemical elements penetrate deeper into the canvas, so the picture is not washed over time. It looks spectacular, but also costs mor

What is included in the bed linen?

Calico or 100% cotton is a fabric that combines two types, cotton and paper, so it is called cotton. The production of this material takes place using a straight weave – plain. The canvas turns out to be matte, smooth and from all sides. This fabric has such features as environmental friendliness, hypoallergenic, it serves for a long time, so there are a lot of products from it.
Silk is a thread from a silkworm cocoon, the fabric is very soft. Silk threads are the thinnest durable natural protein fibers that have moisture absorption, as well as temperature adjustment in different seasons of the year. Resistant to wear, hypoallergenic, high sanitary and hygienic properties, beautiful appearance and pleasant shine.
Flax is a massage material that has its wonderful properties since ancient times. Excellent thermal insulation. According to scientific research, when the weather is hot, when the body and the material come into contact, there are three to four degrees of atmospheric temperature between them. Cold weather – flax warms. Flax is considered antimicrobial, since if a person has an open wound, and if bandaged with a linen cloth, it will heal faster than under a conventional cotton bandage. It repels water perfectly, and if it is absorbed, it almost dries out immediately, there is a conditioning function, there is no static electricity, it survives a large number of washes perfectly, after each wash, it only becomes softer and pleasant to the skin, also anti-allergenic and bactericidal.
Bamboo is the most viable natural plant, which is grown on private plantations where there are no pesticides and chemicals. Bamboo pulp is the basis from which threads are made for the manufacture of products. Bamboo fabric has a shine, the material is very soft, and the quality is similar to silk or cashmere, and there is no satin effect. Such a set of bed linen can be recommended to people who suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin. The material has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The coloring is natural, pale green, and it is perfectly perceived by the brain and a person’s sleep becomes comfortable and healthy.
Eucalyptus is cellulose filaments that are obtained from a young eucalyptus shoot. This material is biologically pure and natural. Hygienic-clean material. Anti-allergenic.
Viscose is a cellulose material. The PBC turns out to be very soft and light. Viscose has an advantage – these are folds that turn out to be involuntary and very beautiful. It has a silky sheen. Excellent hygroscopicity, i.e. it can absorb several times more moisture than calico. Has no static electricity, hygienic, durable fabric, soft.